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Clothing Printing London

Binary Professionals is a custom clothing printing company, specializing in high-quality water base, discharge, and plastisol screen printing for businesses, brands, clothing companies, and many more. Having been a leader in clothes printing services, Binary Professionals is the right partner in the fast-growing textile market. 

With our service of garment printing in London, we add business logos, images, and names to the clothes. Whether you need men’s, women’s, or baby’s vinyl clothing printing, our creative think tanks are always at your service. On top of it off, we also offer a flag printing service, ensuring your branding needs are met with utmost creativity.

Clothing Printing Service in East London with Unbeatable Prices

Whether you need a printed t-shirt to market an event or looking for exceptional printing for your own clothing brand – Binary Professionals have got you covered. 

We offer low-cost customised shirts that you can resell at a retail value while making a considerable amount of profit. Since, our establishment we've worked with thousands of business owners while assisting them in reaching their objectives. We've put up some cost-effective business brand solutions to assist you meet your goals. 

Custom Clothing Printing
Promote Your Brand and Build Awareness

We offer east London t-shirt printing services for wide-ranging clients – all you need to do is choose the size and color that is ideal for your business, promotion, or school. Moreover, we use different printing techniques for our custom t-shirts, considering the design and the t-shirts fabric.Step into our printing shop london, where creativity meets quality, to bring your vision to life on a t-shirt.

T-Shirt Screen Printing

T-shirt screen printing is a fantastic technique to make personalised t-shirts for any occasion. We can print whatever design you want on your t-shirts, and we utilise high-quality inks and screens to ensure they look excellent.

DTG T-Shirt Printing

Here at Binary Professionals, we print full-color images on wide ranging customised t-shirts, personalised hoodies, personalised polo shirts, and other apparel styles using the latest printing technology including top-quality DTG machines.

Custom T-Shirt Embroidery

Our t-shirt embroidery services and designs are among the best in the industry. To ensure that your custom embroidered t-shirts look striking no matter how many times you wash them, we utilise only the highest quality thread and fabrics.

T-Shirt Sublimation Printing

We provide a special kind of garment printing in London with the name sublimation printing – using the distinctive ink we print shirts and heat the ink until it becomes a gas. This gas is then injected into the shirt's fabric, where it fuses with the fibres and bonds permanently – so you don't have to worry about quality with Binary Professionals.

Vinyl T-Shirt Printing

Vinyl printing is perfect for shirts having simple designs or just need one color printing. Our experienced team working at Binary Professionals use lasting adhesive material so that the print does not fade or peel out. The printed shirts we make with vinyl are waterproof and easy to clean - making them ideal for t-shirts with sports logos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1What's the difference between screen-printed and vinyl heat-transfer shirts?

Yes. Simply speaking, heat transfers are not as durable as silk-screened shirts. That isn't to say that vinyl transfer shirts aren't good. Remember those Star Wars t-shirts from the 1980s with the images on the chest? Those were shirts with vinyl transfers. Sure, after a few months, they crumbled and became unwearable, but they were really cool while they lasted. On the other hand, screen-printed shirts, are shirts with ink printed on them. And, while it may fade or crack over time, if you take proper care of your garment, it will last for many years.

Q2What t-shirt design file format should I use?

We prefer a vector image so that we can print the highest quality for you, but if this is not possible, a high-quality version of one of the following file types would suffice: Ai,.eps,.svg,.png, or.pdf are all acceptable file formats.

Q3Can I use a picture from my website on shirts?

Not recommended. The resolution of web images is 72 pixels per inch. To get a good print, you need at least 300 pixels per inch.

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